Best Portable Dog Fence for Large Dogs

If you have a dog, large or small, you might know the importance of having a portable dog fence. However, if you are considering adopting a large dog for the first time, you might be wondering how you can keep your dog safe in your yard if you don’t have a fence.

If you are purchasing a portable dog fence, you will not have to worry about your dog getting out again. This is everything you need to know about your portable dog fence.

What is a Portable Dog Fence?

portable dog fence for small dogs

A portable dog fence is a fence that you can put up for your dog, any place. It is easy to set up and can be taken down without any problems as well. It is similar to a play den for toddlers, but with the difference that this one is designed for dogs.

There are different sizes available, and you can choose the one that will be best for the size of your dog. You can install them inside or outside the home.

Benefits of Having a Portable Dog Fence

There are many benefits of having a portable dog fence, for your dog. Benefits that will be beneficial for you and your dog. These are the top benefits of having a portable dog fence.

  • Your dog will have a safe place to play outside at, without the risk of running away
  • You will limit the dog’s area where he can play
  • It is much cheaper than to install a proper and permanent fence around your yard.
  • You can take the fence with you when you are going to a park or to the beach to keep your dog safe.

When Can You Use a Portable Dog Fence?

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This is a question that many dog owners are asking. When can you use a portable dog fence for your dog? In most cases, it is used when the yard is open and your dog can run away when you are letting him out of the home. By putting him in a portable dog fence, you are giving him some playtime outside, without worrying about his safety.

You can also install the portable dog fence inside your home if you only want the dog in a certain part of your home. This is something that you can take away when you don’t want the dog to be limited in the home. You can also use it at the beach or at the park if your dog doesn’t along with other dogs.

Choosing Your Portable Dog Fence

It is important to make sure that you are choosing your portable dog fence correctly. You don’t want the dog to be able to jump over the fence. Or, purchase a fence that is too small for the dog. With this guide, you will know exactly what type of portable dog fence you should purchase.

  1. The size of the portable dog fence
  2. The size of your dog and the available space for setting up the dog fence.
  3. The price of the dog fence that you can afford.
  4. How easy the setup and breakdown will be?
  5. The type of material that the fence is made off.

Top Portable Dog Fences for Large Dogs

electric dog fence for dogs

There are many different portable dog fences that are ideal for the larger dog. And, with these names, you don’t have to worry about choosing the best one for you and your dog. These are the top choices from dog owners that have purchased these dog fences.

  • IRIS 8-Panel Exercise Pen
  • BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen
  • Midwest Folding Metal Exercise Pen
  • Carlson Dogs Wide Angle Mount Configurable 144″ Gate and Play Yard
  • Petmate 8 Panel Wire Exercise Pen with Door

You can choose any one of these portable dog fences to ensure that your dog is staying safe and enjoy some outdoor time.


It is important to make sure that you are going to consider a portable pet fence if you have a large dog that can’t stay indoors the whole day. You can purchase one that is ideal for the size of your dog, and your personal needs. The great thing is that you can purchase an indoor or outdoor pet fence. You can even find a dog fence for your larger dog that needs more space, or for your smaller dog that doesn’t need a large space.

Portable dog fences are a lot more important than what you might think. Especially if you are living in a home that isn’t fenced. This is making sure to keep your dog safe, while he is enjoying some valuable time outside.

With knowing everything about the dog fences, you will be able to choose the one that is best for the size of your dog. And, you will even get a couple of dog fence names that you can consider purchasing.

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